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Study the composition and application of the pulley type drawing machine
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The pulley type drawing machine can be drawing on aluminum, copper and iron. So if we use the electrical wire, wood screws and nails to make it will be better. The pulley type drawing machine can be composed of four single shunt volume of copper. Do you want to know the structure and application of the pulley type drawing machine? Just follow KANGSIDA electrical machinery together.

The pulley type drawing machine is composed of the mold box, gear, wheel frame and a line frame to form, each drawing drum is used in motor through a gear coupling to transmission, his secondary speed is much slower than the cylindrical gear speed, so you can let the drum be rotation, his drawing drum is vertical, can be installed in the appearance of the box, the gear is used in oil lubrication. And cooling water spraying equipment in the drum wall, which can reduce the drawing after conducting wire are residual heat.

The pulley type drawing machine can be very good at building components, metal mesh, galvanized iron wire and wire and other places to use. The efficiency of our KANGSIDA electric machinery’s pulley type drawing machine is higher, more power, it is also more convenient to repair, prices are more affordable, the drawing process is finished at one time, so both of the operation and management are very convenient.

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